From students during lock down period

The lockdown due to the Covid 19 Pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone. Even so, crisis is a strong driver for creativity and innovation. Our students at IHM, Trivandrum, have been utilizing this time to focus on themselves, explore their creative side and to brush up on their skills, both mastered and newly acquired. We encouraged our students to send us pictures or clips of their activities during this lock down to provide them with a platform to exhibit their talents and gain confidence.

Cooking is a passion for many, but our students have taken it to the next level!  Watch some of the cooking videos shared by our students.

The delightful presentation of these dishes not only satisfy your hunger, but is a feast for the eyes as well.

Anand M and Allen J Jose

Riya Sunil

Calligraphy art by Sreekanth KS…

Cooking Videos by our Students:


Prithvi Raj Singh

Akash R

Anuvarshini from first year has created her own YouTube channel named “Ashram Kitchen by Anu” where she uploads traditional recipes. Click on the link to her channel  and enjoy  a few mouthwatering recipes she has shared.

Kalakand and paneer tikka  –>

Nidhin P Vijay.

Adityan K R of First Year 

Suchita Sridhar of First Year
Utpat Sanket of First Year

Archal Pradeep of first year BSc.H&HA, proved that she is abundantly talented through her exquisite wall drawings. Here are some of her creations


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