International Barrier Free Kite Festival

Äjith wouldn’t make eye contact. Lakshmi was so full of confidence, that she belted out songs in the midst of strangers. Tony was for ever smiling. Padmanabhan wanted to fly with the kites. In fact, there was such childlike exuberance in each one of the

600 odd gifted, beautiful , differently abled young people , who had gathered at

Kovalam beach on 25th  February to fly kites.

International Barrier Free Kite Festival, was organised by  Helping Hands’’ and Óne India Kite’. Our students enjoying this happiness at the workshop conducted in the Institute for with these lovely people along with volunteers from across the state.

It was all possible only because of the support that we got from Jolly ma’am, and the other faculty members and all of us working together. Thanks to Heera, Smriti, Peter, Nand Kumar, Midhun P.S, Amit Babu and all other volunteers for helping spread joy to these special children.

Jithin. H

Coordiantor- Kite Fest

Final Year BSc H&HA